Welcome to the best Survival Minecraft 1.20 Server

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We follow a democratic process for resets. You don't have to worry for inminent resets. The server usually resets every two years, but its up to the community.

Fair Play

We take fair play seriously, and we have been reviewed by the Mojang enforcement team and have been verified to comply with Minecraft EULA. We hate p2w.


We have a very friendly community. You'll meet a ton of cool people while playing on the server, and you'll collaborate on amazing team projects.


We have been online since 2019, and, quiquelhappy, the owner of the server, has plenty of experience managing servers (10+ years). We do bidaily backups, and use a VCS for the server.


We use the best hardware available for our server. We have relays in central europe, oceania, and north america to offer you the best ping possible.


We don't host a single huge server, we host multiple small servers so you can get to know everyone you play with, and so everyone there can remember your name.

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